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    The solar energy heat pump upgrading through the acceptance of production conditions

    Article Source:     Author:   Published:2015-04-10

  • Learned from the Solar Power Inc, the national acceptance of the expert group on the recentdocuments, the heat pump production process requirements, the production conditions, the level of the laboratory conducted a site inspection and strict examination, that the five-star accord with national technology on heat pump water heater production conditions, allowing the company to 25kW (kw) is less than or equal to the engineering of pump products production capacity is less than or equal to 350kW the largest single module, 70kW 350kW module, the largest combinedheat range, this is the production scope, large industry, means that the star jump again in theproduction of heat pump professional new level.According to reports, the production line of heat pump and the upgrade of the laboratory, is to meet the requirement of heat pump type, the specifications of the production and testing,including a number of process improvement and accessories, the five-star pump to achieve further high configuration, high efficiency, full function. As the heat pump evaporator, the titanium pump, Copeland compressor 316L stainless steel plate heat exchanger with water,water, water, electric heating and other projects, a number of functions, can easily produce hot water with constant temperature water supply engineering;, timing function, convenient and solar energy combined with the use of constant temperature, timing; multi period operation, power down memory, multiple protection, conventional machine can be used normally at -7 DEG C;natural air drying and baking function analog baking machine, automatic discharging, automatic operation, modular design, baking process curve of control, baking process stick out a mile.
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