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    The mechanism of purifying smoke purifier uses the international leading technology, the use ofcomprehensive physical, chemical, electromagnetic theory, microelectronics, it is widely used in guesthouses, hotels, canteens and other places of fuel boiler. It can be efficient, rapid, thoroughcleaning, to smoke, to taste, to purify the harmful gases and bacteria, viruses in the air, the release of oxygen containing ozone into the clean air. The purification efficiency is more than 90%, to meet and exceed national standards, has made the state environmental protectiondepartment and technical supervision departments certification.

    Product features:

    1, high purification efficiency, stable operation

    2, small size, light weight, small occupying area

    3, cleaning and maintenance easy, clear and long cycle

    In 4, operation cost, small power consumption

    5, advanced circuit design, stable, safe, reliable

    6, equipment made of corrosion resistant material, long service life

    7, the use of special design, high current, high voltage static electric field gradient, honeycomb,awn type

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